Guiding God's People Into Outward-Focused Living


Are you looking for some natural, doable, and practical ways to increase the quality and the quantity of your spiritual conversations?

Are you ready to start playing more 'away games' because the 'home game' strategy isn't working like it use to?

Are you searching for a catalyst to transform your inwardly-focused culture into an outwardly-focused one?

Are you wondering how to start authentic spiritual conversations without turning people off?

Has the time come to balance your ministries 'come & see' approach with a 'go & be' mindset?



Host A God Space Workshop

“What Doug has developed is by far the most relevant and helpful training that I have seen anywhere.”

Ryan Dawson

Former Athletes in Action Canadian National Director, Ottawa ON Canada

“Doug’s presentation to our church was engaging, real, funny and life-changing.”

Kevin Taylor

Co-Lead Pastor, Journey Church Kenosha, WI

“God shifted our focus from how can we get more people into our building to how can we reach more people by having natural, gospel conversations with those all around us.”

Paul Beck, LCC

Loudonville, NY

“Our people definitely left the event feeling empowered to share their faith in very natural and doable ways.”

Scott Leib

Manassas Assembly of God, Bristow, VA