Follow these steps to import MP3s into iTunes and transfer the files to the iPhone Music app.

  1. Click on the download link sent to your email, then download the zip file with a PC/Mac.
  2. The MP3 files need to first be extracted by right-clicking on the zip file and selecting “Extract.”
  3. Connect the iPhone to the PC/Mac (try using the usb cable). If iTunes doesn’t launch automatically, double-click it to run the program. In iTunes, make sure you are in the Library (not iTunes Store).
  4. In iTunes, click on the device icon in the top left corner of the screen (screenshot below) and then click the “Music” option.
  5. Select “Add to Library” under the File menu in iTunes. Navigate to the location on your hard drive where you extracted your media, and then select the files you want to import into your iTunes library. Press and hold “Ctrl” to select multiple files. Click “OK” to add your selection to your library.
  6. Select “Sync Music” and then select either “Entire music library” or “Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres.” If you choose the latter, then manually select the playlists, artists, and albums.
  7. Click “Apply” and “Sync” to start transferring the MP3s to the iPhone.
  8. When finished, select “Music,” then “Library,” then “Songs” on your iPhone to play the audio.

Screenshot of the “device icon” from Step 4.