What is God's GPS?

People all over the world are discovering the exciting new world of GPS technology. GPS stands for (G)lobal (P)ositioning (S)atellite. It is a worldwide navigation system that uses information received from 24 orbiting satellites to beam directional information back down to earth. No matter where you are on the planet, if your GPS device is picking up the satellites signals it will guide you to where you want to go.

In a somewhat similar way, God has provided His creation with directional information as well. He has provided us numerous resources (His word, His Son, His Holy Spirit, His revealed wisdom through creation, etc.) to help guide us through this life. Gods GPS is a website dedicated to guiding God’s people into Outward Focused Living by focusing on God’s never changing principles for advancing His Kingdom one “A-ha” at a time.

The French Philosopher Simone Weil once wrote: “To be relevant, you have to say things which are eternal.” The great need of our times is not another outreach fad, method, or road map, which will soon become outdated. Historically such methods and tools have been useful for specific times in particular geographic areas but eventually become obsolete or lose effectiveness.As I’ve traveled the world, I’m convinced that many of God’s people are lost! Not for eternity, but in their ability to connect with the not-yet Christians in their life. They need to be equipped with His eternal principles (A.K.A. GodsGPS) so that they can effectively advance His Kingdom anywhere in the world at anytime in history.

How did your ministry get started?

In January of 2000, after 17 years in the ministry, God awoke me in the middle of the night and instructed me to help others speak well of His Son. Since that night, I have committed myself to guiding God’s people into outward focused living by teaching them how to create “God Space” anywhere their two feet are planted.

What have you learned from guiding God’s people into outward focused living?

I began the journey with somewhat of a cynical view that most Christ followers were “wimping” out when it came to living an outward focused life. As I’ve listened to the heart of God’s people, I’m convinced that most of the Christ followers I meet have the will, but lack the skill. Furthermore, many have said no to the unnatural kinds of outreach they have experienced or heard about. I have found that when God’s people are equipped with His eternal principals, which are natural, and doable by all, their increased confidence and competence overflow into outward focused living.

How did God’s GPS evolve?

After traveling to 39 different countries and throughout most of the U.S., I questioned the effectiveness of the Kingdom work I witnessed, or had participated in. It seemed like many Christ followers were merely content to talk at people rather than to talk with them. Spamming people for Jesus, or sending Jesus junk mail might appear impressive when you look at sheer numbers, but it just doesn’t connect with that many people. As I observed, listened, and prayerfully pondered the matter for years, I was sensed that the body of Christ was operating like the proverbial 7 blind men with the elephant. When asked to describe the elephant, each was convinced based on his experience that he had described the elephant accurately. Only someone with eyes to see could help them realize that they were only partially right. I have witnessed first hand what happens to God’s workers, and to the field they are working in when they are operating from a partially sense of rightness. Frustration, fatigue, fear, manipulation, over emphasis on numbers, bruised fruit, inoculation, and unbelief start to dominate the landscape. In most cases, if God’s people understood His never changing divine process that leads to faith, much of this could be avoided. I am committed to being part of the solution in my lifetime by guiding God’s people into the fullness of His revelation (A.K.A. God’s GPS).

How is your ministry funded?

I have a faithful support team that makes it possible for me to devote myself full-time to training and equipping church / para-church and mission agencies in practical, doable, and authentic ways to cherish Jesus before others.

Why do you charge for your workshops if you have a support team?

In a faith ministry, raising funds for administrative costs is often very difficult. Funds generated by workshops help take the edge off of this historical challenge. More importantly, it serves to create a healthy interest indicator. I have found the old axiom of “nothing ventured, nothing lost” to be quite true. As a committed family man, I want to make sure that when I leave home I’m being a good steward of my time. The booking fee I require not only locks up that date, but also insures a good faith effort to make the most of my visit.

Are you still on staff with Athletes in Action?

Yes, but as an affiliate staff member. After the first book I co-authored came out, numerous opportunities to speak and train God’s people in outward focused living came from all over the world. I believed God wanted me to respond to these opportunities despite the fact that most of them were coming from outside AIA. While no one inside the organization was opposed to this, I felt like there was a conflict of interest that needed to be resolved. In January of 2006, I made the transition from full-time AIA staff to affiliate staff. I still serve as the Evangelism Trainer for AIA, but I no longer office out of our national headquarters in Xenia, OH. This decision has freed me up to guide God’s people all over the world into outward focused living. My experiences with the larger body of Christ have empowered me to more effectively train and equip our AIA athletes and staff.